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Selling Homes in the Villages Golf & Country Club

The Villages has rules that sellers must follow when selling a home. Jill knows what is required, and will make sure the appropriate steps are taken to ensure no delays or issues arise.

Jill also, in many cases, has information on homes coming up for sale and can use that information in the market analysis to help determine a list price.

The Villages does not have a selling season as much as on the outside since the people living in the Villages do not have school-age children because it is a senior community. Therefore, most any time of year is a good time to sell, although the warm weather does draw more activity.

You often do not have a choice when to sell because you either need to move to assisted living, or you are the heir tasked with the job of selling the house after the owner passes away, so the fact that there isn’t a strong selling season really helps, and it doesn’t really matter when you put your home on the market.

Prepping for Sale

To get the home ready to sell, if there are a lot of items to remove, you can hire an estate sale professional to organize the items left in the house, sell what they can, donate what they can, then haul away the rest. Jill has access to these people and can assist in the process.

Once the house is empty, Jill can assist in preparing the house for market. In most cases, the house should be painted and new carpet installed. If a home is all original, Jill recommends doing some updating, especially in the kitchen and baths. Jill knows what appeals to most buyers and has the contacts necessary to do the work. Many buyers coming to the Villages do not want to remodel, so doing some remodeling will help draw in the buyers.

Jill can also arrange for cleaners and staging so that the home will show well.

Authorization to Sell

If you are the owner of the property and your home is in a trust, you will need to provide a copy of your trust.

If you are not the owner of the property and are selling on behalf of the owner, you will need the appropriate documentation to show that you are authorized to sell the property. If the home is in a trust, you can either be a Trustee if the owner is still alive or a Successor Trustee if the owner has passed away.

You might also have a Power of Attorney for the owner, which can be used if the home is not in a trust, or if there is a provision in the trust for a power of attorney.

If the owner has passed away, you will need to provide an original death certificate.

Out of Area Sellers

If you are moving out of the area, or if you are an heir that lives out of the area, you need not worry about the logistics of selling. Jill can arrange for all the prep work to be done on your behalf and can send you all the documents to sign electronically, so you do not need to come to the office. You can even sign them electronically so there is no need to print, fax, or scan.

Jill will keep you posted via email on all stages during the process of selling, and will follow up with a phone call when needed.

Whether you are moving (or live) down the street or across the country, Jill will make the process of selling your home easy and stress-free. Jill is an expert at selling homes in the Villages, and you can count on her! Call Jill today!