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About our Services

Property Management Services

In addition to assisting clients to buy and sell homes, Jill offers property management services under the company name Curry & Associates Realtors. At the moment we only manage properties inside the Villages, but depending on the property, we can expand the service to outside the Villages.

Our services are for Landlords who don’t want to hassle with all the details and duties involved with managing rental property. There is no need for them to interface directly with tenants; everything goes through us.

We will do the following for our Landlords:

  • Collect the rent and deposit it into our company trust account.
  • Collect security deposits and keep them in our trust account to be returned when the tenant moves out.
  • Create a monthly statement showing income and expenses.
  • Deposit the rent proceeds directly into the Landlord’s bank account for these banks: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, or US Bank. Otherwise, the proceeds will be sent via check to the Landlord.
  • Schedule and pay for any repairs under a certain amount directly, otherwise, we get prior authorization, We keep a $500 reserve in the trust account for this purpose.
  • Send a yearly statement for tax purposes including a 1099 for the rental income.
  • Find new tenants when required, including all advertising, property showing, and paper work. Organize prepping the property to be rerented, including any painting, cleaning, etc. List the property on the Multiple Listing System for greater exposure and to allow clients of other agents to apply. Will also advertise on Zillow, Trulia, and Hot Pads. If another agent brings in the tenant, we would pay on behalf of the Landlord a one-time commission of 3% of a 1 year’s lease. This would come out of the first month’s rent.
  • Tenants can generate work orders on this website using the “Work order” tab in this menu.

Our fee for these services is 8% of the monthly rent.

We don’t pay the property taxes, homeowners dues or homeowners insurance.

Contact Jill at 408-223-3220, ​​, or via the Contact page on this website with any questions or to sign up for property management. We appreciate your business!